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Thinking about the environment in the green industry then let Bur Oak Group, Inc. put your mind at ease. Bur Oak Group, Inc. employs many green friendly practices in its standard contracts and normal operating procedures.

Maintenance and operation of all fleet trucks, skidsteers, mowers and lawn equipment:
  • Utilize bio-diesel in 100% of all fleet trucks
  • Utilize bio-diesel in 100% of all skidsteers
  • Utilize 10% ethanol in all gasoline engines from trucks, mowers, line trimmers, blowers, etc.
  • Meet or exceed EPA standards for all lawn equipment
  • Recycle all waste oil
  • Utilize green friendly detergents for all equipment cleaning
  • Utilize many products that emit no fluorocarbons which are hazardous to the atmosphere
Other ways we help the environment:
  • Use phosphorous free fertilizers – a concern of most municipalities in regards to ground water, lakes and ponds
  • Recycle 100% of all yard waste – converted to mulch, compost or leaf compost
  • Utilize drought tolerant plants in new installations
  • Utilize annual flowers that do not require lots of watering
  • Amend soil with compost to help maintain water retention
  • Utilize Terra Sorb with plantings to help maintain soil moisture
  • Utilize drip irrigation when watering is required for tree installation and drought conditions
  • Offer organic fertilizers (increased cost for product and additional applications are required to maintain quality)
  • Offer 100% organic herbicide alternatives in new turf areas
Offer at an additional charge:
  • 100% organic fertilizer
  • 100% organic non-turf herbicide
Office “green” processes:
  • Offer electronic transmittal of invoices, contracts and proposals via email with proper request completed per property
  • Utilize recycled paper for all printed communications, contracts and proposals
  • Shred all waste paper