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Once you give BOGI a chance, there would be NO REASON to ever change contractors. WHY? There would be no reason why..........

What you will have is direct contact with the owners if you choose (unlike the larger Landscape co. who also have a large down-the-chain command, and a large turnover rate amongst laborers).

This is a family run business. Put your trust and faith in the brothers, great guys, great BIG hearts! Great teamwork, great crews, all good guys who try hard to please. They have a weekly plan of attack, monthly schedule of to-do's. And if you have a need for more help during a snowstorm, they are there! Amazing, no problem. Owners always checking on their properties/contracts to make sure their standard of excellence is upheld.

Let them come on and take charge of your community. You'll be in excellent hands. If I ever leave Tenerife, I know I left the property in great hands, but will also take the company with me wherever I go......They become family, and once your family, family stays in your life forever! They can never get rid of me now!

Just give them the chance, let them come on and then you'll have to LISTEN and DO what they tell you, and let them do what they need to do........No reason to ever contract with anyone else.....They're the experts, you are not.

Theresa Patras
President of Tenerife Assoc BOD's/A 15yr old Townhome Community of 148 homes


Very few compare to the quality of work and customer service Bur Oak Group provides. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.

Cheryl Mueller, CMCA, AMS
Property Manager


To whom it may concern,

On Wednesday, May 19th of this year [2010] my sister was taking pictures on our back patio when she lost her balance and fell onto the grass breaking her hip. At that moment, one of your workers was mowing the lawn beyond our retaining wall. When he saw what was happening he stopped mowing and went over the wall to help her.

When I heard her and I went to see what was going on and he was offering to help her get up. When we both realized how serious this was he offered me his phone to call 911 and turned it on for me because I was shaking. He waited with me until 911 assured me help was on the way and then he went back to work. It all took about 5 minutes but we will never forget his kindness.

I am sorry we did not get his name but I wanted you to know you hired a kind and caring person.

Thank you,
Kate Schwaighart


Bur Oak Group has set a high standard for landscaping excellence throughout the Chicago land area. Year after year they have provided exemplary landscape design and maintenance, with a knowledge-base and attention to detail that I have yet to experience with local competitors. On a recent project, their quality workmanship and creativity transformed our property's tired exterior to a natural beauty. Bur Oak Group is a trusted vendor to meet or exceed expectations. I look forward to working with them for years to come!

Lindsay McCann
Property Administrator
Colliers International